More Anniversaries


Today is another anniversary. It’s my 7 year wedding anniversary. It’s a real shame that it has to follow the anniversary of our first miscarriage. Or maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe it’s a way to bring me back down to earth, to remind myself how important hubby is to me. To remember back when things were good, when we were carefree, the best day of our lives, in order to recharge.

I’m going to do whatever is in my power to be upbeat and hopeful for hubby today. Although I can’t promise it everyday, it can be my gift to him today. He needs it. It’s reminded me that he’s hurting too and that we are going through this together. He’s been there for me during every fit, meltdown, panic attack. My rock, my comfort, my shoulder to cry on. Always looking for the silver lining to shake me from my gloom. So maybe I can find the resources to be the old me, or even a shade of the old me, for him, at least for today.

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