It was a boy

Today we learned of the gender of our triploid baby. It was a boy. A little boy we could not save.

I asked the question not really prepared for the answer. But it didn’t matter what the answer was.

Heart = Broken.

6 thoughts on “It was a boy

  1. How sad. I imagine this has brought all of your emotions regarding your loss back to the forefront. We did not have the option of discovering the sex of our two lost babies as no tests were carried out and I think this is something I am grateful for as it has enabled me to maintain a level of detachment. I hope that this knowledge will help you grieve for your baby and that the tests which are being done will lead you closer to having the child you long for.

  2. I’m so sorry for your pain.
    We were unable to find out our lost baby’s gender, but I dreamed that she was a girl, so I hang on to that. I’m not sure truly knowing could make things any easier.
    Hope and hugs to you.

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