It’s Saturday morning. I’ll try to keep it light.

Although Operation Sweet Pea (preconception plan) is more like boot camp the way I force myself kicking and screaming into rigorous routine (I’m an all or nothing kind of girl), there are some bonuses. One of the things that makes me smile is making and drinking fresh organic fruit and veggie juice for us both. I try to juice everyday and notice when I haven’t. I love the feeling I get from it, and love the idea that it’s sending nutrients directly into my bloodstream.

I’m feeling slightly guilty saying that stupidly because during my treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine I was told to stop juicing because raw foods have a detrimental affect to my system overall. More than any of the strict rules I complied with during the treatment (you can read them here), this one broke my heart. I have difficulty seeing how fresh organic vegetables and fruits can be bad for me. As a vegetarian I rely on raw food.

I was trying to satisfy the eastern, western and personal protocols in the last pregnancy and it consumed me. It was probably a way to channel my anxiety of being pregnant (and terrified of losing it) into something constructive. But I was so hard on myself. I took all the joy out of eating. It became a chore.

The time spent watching dust collect on my much loved juicer made me rethink things. I have to decide which elements of treatment to abide by and which to skip. I am going to allow myself to pick and choose because this is my body and I’m calling the shots. Rightly or wrongly, my days of feeling pressured to follow a protocol 100% are over. There has to be a little give and take in this process because it’s hard enough as it is. Otherwise I’ll just beat myself up more than is necessary for not sticking with the plan.

This time things are going to be a little less structured, a little more organic, So I’ve decided to keep on juicing and just enjoy how it makes me feel, hoping that will have a positive effect on my health and fertility.

I’m going to write down my two favourites that I’ve come up with so I can keep track. These use fruits or veg known to enhance fertility and I’ve included the benefits of the ingredients so I remember why they’re so good:

Juice 1
1/2 Grapefruit
(increases cervical mucous)
1x Beetroot
(detoxifier, prevents birth defects, high in folic acid)
1x Carrot
(regularises ovulation)
1x Apple
(antioxidant, boosts immune system)
1/2 Lemon
(reduces vaginal acidity)
Handful Basil
(antibacterial, antioxidant)
1/2″ Ginger
(increases blood flow to the womb)

Juice 2
1x Apple
(antioxidant, boosts immune system)
1x Kiwi
(Blood thinning, high in folate)
1/2 Lime
1/2 Cucumber
(high in folate and B vitamins)
1 Kale leaf
(antioxidant, boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, enhances egg maturation)
Handful Mint

6 thoughts on “Juiced

  1. Wow this is a level of dedication that I haven’t reached yet. I cannot stand grapefruit and combining it with beetroot does not sound appetising. I guess I’ll be sticking with pre-seed as a faux cervical mucous! I am however really interested in the idea of a sort of pre pregnancy detox to get into tip top condition for conception. Do you find that the structure of having a plan to follow makes you feel more in control or do you just enjoy the healthy feeling you get from all the organic fruit and veg goodness?

    • It’s a bit of both I think. I need structure and routine when I’m feeling miserable. One foot in front of the other type stuff. I’ve found anything I can do to help keep whatever’s left of my depleting egg supply in decent shape makes me feel more empowered, and gives more control. Makes me feel like I can contribute to a positive outcome, one sip at a time. Even if I’m not mentally there yet maybe I can be there at least physically for now. And the feeling I get from it could be psychosomatic but that’s good enough for me. I do notice increase of energy, focus, better moods. All stuff I could use right now.

      I never would have thought it either but strangely grapefruit and beetroot make a pretty happy couple (at least in a juice with other stuff). I think the apple takes the edge off. Not for everyone though!

  2. This is fortuitous timing…was just having this conversation with my husband this morning. We’ll find out in a few days if this round of IUI worked, and my husband was saying we should keep juicing no matter what because it makes us feel awesome, and I was saying that my chinese medicine guy always tells me to stick to cooked vegetables during pregnancy. I feel like I can hardly get through my afternoon without juicing…it just perks me right up. You can make yourself crazy trying to follow all the rules that everybody gives you. I give you props for sticking to what’s working for you. Feeling inspired to do the same. (As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that sticking with juicing would officially be one of the more major acts of defiance in my life at the moment…my world is a little small lately 😉

  3. I agree with the girl who just commented. All these do’s and don’t can be maddening. Everyone has a different take. I think you are wise to do what feels right to your body. Some things work for some and not others, and vice versa. I like your empowering perspective. I haven’t really don’t anything to optimize my health beside trying to eat clean, cut out caffiene and diet soda, exercise…the basics. Have my first fertility appt. Tues, so we’ll see what the dr. recommends!

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