We interrupt this regularly scheduled program …

Today we are going on holiday for a week. To the beach with us!

A much needed break from all the crap we have going on in our lives right now. A break from the losses, the testing, the treatment, the work BS, the knocked up friends, the home renos. A break to spend time just the two of us. It has been over 3 years since we have been on holiday just us. And I can’t wait. I think I will want to stay forever.

I am very much looking forward to the sun, the beach, the heat, the food. The time alone, the time to read, rest, reflect. Hopefully this will allow us to recharge a little. I’m hoping at least for me I will be able to return home to with a better attitude. I’m tired of being sad and miserable all the time. Maybe this is my opportunity, a turning point that will allow me to start to pick up the pieces and to start looking to the future with hope. Let’s hope so!

In my excitement from my appointment yesterday from I’ve decided to queue up a few pending posts while I’m gone. Didn’t want to leave you guys hanging but don’t want to bore you to tears either 🙂

Over and out ladies, see you in a week. xx

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