The New Clinic Part 2 : Super treatment for the Super Fertile Female

Part 1 Super fertility

I have a warped vision of my super fertile super hero costume now : Super Fertile Female! A cape in the right shade of menstrual blood red. A crown shaped like a large uterus. Armed with pellets of Cyclogest, syringes of Clexane. Fear not little embryos, citizens of Lisette’s unselective wasteland of a womb! Super Fertile Female is here to help!

Something just seems so wrong in the terminology. I’m beginning to hate the term. Makes it sound like a good thing. It’s not. There is nothing super about this at all.

So what do we do to sort this out super fertile business?

1) An endometrial biopsy. I plan to go into this a bit further in another post but as far as this clinic goes, the biopsy is considered treatment in itself. It helps to mimic the signal of implantation to induce healing and recruit stem cells to support the embryo in the next cycle. Bloody awful thing to endure but if it gets us what we want then I would do it every day for the rest of my life.

2) Then plan for me is to start a course of 400mg progesterone a day between ovulation and AF, in my case from day 22 for a week then if BFP carry on taking it, if BPN stop taking it and AF will appear. We do this for 3 cycles only because it can make it harder to fall pregnant and they don’t want to waste time. But the goal is to prepare the lining for reception and then selection at the right time. Progesterone will apparently enhance the lining of the womb. It will help to make the phase when the embryo and lining meet and size each other up a more succinct and efficient and selective process. Therefore resulting in no more late BFPs and hopefully no more losses.

3) If I’m lucky enough to pass stages 1 and 2 with success, after the first viable scan I’m to go on Clexane. This isn’t for its blood thinning attributes but because of the nurturing qualities Clexane provides to the womb in the early stages of pregnancy. It apparently activates growth and helps placenta to grow better. Who knew?!

Next cycle we are going to put this into action. Not getting hopes up too quickly as we are well aware this could take some time. What freaks me out is time is something we are running out of.

11 thoughts on “The New Clinic Part 2 : Super treatment for the Super Fertile Female

  1. It’s good to know that you are with someone with a solid plan for you. The timing is a bit sucky, but it’s not months and months of delay. I hope it is the protocol that works for you! Crossing fingers.

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