The New Clinic Part 5 : A fresh perspective

Part 1 Super Fertility
Part 2 Super Fertility treatment
Part 3 The Biopsy
Part 4 NK cells

I feel a bit of relief having been to this new recurrent loss clinic. Just hearing that they can account for my losses, whether it’s true or not, is a relief. They’ve explained reasons why these things might be happening when other clinics I have seen just shrug their shoulders and send me on my way with unexplained recurrent loss. So I suppose any answer, whether it’s 100% accurate or not is better than no answer at all.

What struck me most about this place is how they stand out from other clinics. How their perspective is so different. They are not just focused on all the usual blood clotting disorders that fit within the tiny NHS parameters, they actually assess the bigger picture.

In fact they were dismissive of the blood clotting disorders generally and of the recurrent miscarriage clinic I’m seen by currently. And for very well explained reasons that I couldn’t argue with:
1) most RMC patients show no cause for their losses when tested within the NHS loop of blood clot testing (in fact most go on to have a healthy child with or without medical treatment)
2) the abnormalities identified by standard RMCs ie blood clotting also represent themselves in women who have had a healthy pregnancy and child
3) the disorders identified if any aren’t dangerous in normal life, so why are they deemed dangerous in pregnancy? It is commonly understood that blood levels are raised during pregnancy which is why testing during pregnancy is avoided since results become skewed
4) why aren’t women who suffer from recurrent miscarriage more seriously ill with diseases or disorders if there is something fundamentally wrong with their blood?

These guys believe the conditions in the womb far outweigh what else could be happening in the blood. That these conditions need to be perfectly synchronised for success. Skip one step or miss one beat and the result could be catastrophic.

Makes you start to think outside the box huh? I think it’s kind of what I needed to realise that maybe I don’t fit in the generic recurrent loss box. Or that maybe there isn’t a one size fits all diagnosis for everyone. That everyone’s situation is unique and deserves to be assessed individually so that a unique treatment plan can be put forward.

Interestingly, these are the guys that are publishing reports and studies and findings, pushing the boundaries of what’s known in the recurrent miscarriage medical world. It’s these guys I want to talk to, who I want looking into my problems. Their zest and enthusiasm is contagious. I want to be as hopeful as they are. For now at least I will try.

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