Mental block

Man I am really dragging my ass this cycle. I cannot for the life of me get into any meditation or tapes or mindfulness or visualisation or yoga or abdominal massage or anything remotely relaxing or mentally good for me. What is up with that?

I seem to be able to down my supplements and herbs every morning, to eat better again, to stay on top of nutrition and to do some moderate exercise. But there is some weird mental block in terms of trying to get into this all again.

I started listening to my Circle & Bloom MP3s again but they just make me feel exhausted. Even my old faithful Zita West isn’t doing it for me this time. They bring me back to the desperation I felt before the last BFP. It’s a horrible reminder how low I felt back then. I feel I’m in a different place now. Still desperate but different.

Maybe because there’s so much going on right now I haven’t made room for all these lovely things. I think it’s time to make time. I wonder what will make the switch. Probably one cycle of BFFN and I’ll be buckled in nice and tight back on the bandwagon again.

12 thoughts on “Mental block

  1. I’m hoping you find the right time and meditation to put your mind in the right direction. At least you are able to focus on the physical care. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I’m hoping things go in your favour soon!

  2. Is that Zita West? That photo is hilarious. Looks like a peppy (peppier?) June Clever.
    Not sure where you live, but the change in weather always calms my mind down a little & I’ve been better with sticking to my yoga/meditation during the colder months, even when feeling down.

    • Totally Zita West. SUCH a funny pic huh. I think they photoshopped smile to go ear to ear. It’s almost marionette like! Good shout on the change of seasons, you’re right. I feel a bit more settled into routine in the autumn winter. Great way to look at it.

  3. Hi Lisette, I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing? You sounded a bit broken in your last post and you haven’t posted for a while which is quite unlike you (you even managed to prepare posts in advance so you could blog whilst on holiday!). I hope that you’re doing ok and just taking some time to regroup. Sending some hugs and positive energy your way x

    • Hello lovely, thanks so much for checking in, you’re so thoughtful. I’m doing ok. Finding things difficult interviewing, looking for work, negotiating whilst working a job that is already 60 hours a week. It’s so disheartening, I know I’m not going in there with my usual confidence and that’s being reflected in the offers I’m receiving. The sweet pea thief is back from hols too, making things more unbearable. This week I’m meant to be ovulating on top of it so things are a but chaotic to say the least. Been meaning to post but everything I start writing is so down that I end up scrapping it. I imagine in the next few days you’ll see something from me again soon. Very sweet of you to check in. You must be counting the days til your hols. SO exciting! Xx

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