Keep em coming

Just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful reading material I’ve had over the last few days. It’s been pretty active out there in Blogworld and I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts.

It’s been a while since my last post while I attempt to sort through job offers, digest medical reports and test results, coping with the breaking news that my SIL is pregnant, plus trying to figure out why I haven’t ovulated this cycle (WTF is that about?!) It’s pretty chaotic at the moment and I have a lot on my mind that I want to get down and will do when I get a moment to breathe and reflect. But in the meantime I’ve found the information and stories and feelings shared out there in Blogworld completely fascinating, informative, encouraging and heartfelt. I’ve been laughing and crying on my train journeys into work everyday. People think I’m mental! You ladies are all incredibly intelligent, humorous, insightful and strong.

6 thoughts on “Keep em coming

  1. You are all the things you have praised the fellow bloggers for being. You are incredibly intelligent, humorous, insightful and strong! So sorry for the SIL’s news. I know how you feel. One of my SIL’s is expecting her second in a few weeks and my other SIL said she wanted her kids to be exactly 2 years apart and boom, 2 beautiful children in 2 years! And her husband are arguing about whether to have a third, because it’s that easy for them. Seriously?!! I love my nieces and nephew so much but jeez! Hang in there and good luck with the job hunt and tests. I bet you’re a little late ovulating because you have so much going on right now. I’m sure it will happen soon. Sending you stress-free thoughts and prayers for quick resolution on all fronts!

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