Immunology schmimmunology

We’ve been to see our reproductive immunologist to fully discuss our test results. From an immunological perspective it turns out there are a few more issues than we initially thought.

Here are the bullet points for his diagnosis :

• Raised NK cells in general blood stream
• Raised NK cells in the womb lining
• Leukocyte Antibody Detection panel too low

Here’s what he’s suggesting as treatment :

• 25mg Prednisolone daily from CD7 to subdue the NK cells
• 40 mg Clexane daily from CD7 to encourage the right environment for implantation
• Lymphocyte immunisation therapy LIT (an injection of the Hubs white blood cells under my skin) for my womb to produce antibodies to protect the embryo from rejection and stimulate growth of the placenta. 2x injections 3 weeks apart starting on 21 October, with top up shots every six moths afterwards
• Intralipid infusion (a soy & egg yolk based drip that’s intravenously injected into my bloodstream) once a month, to subdue the NK cells and to stimulate the immune system to remove danger signals that can lead to pregnancy loss

Any of you out there doing this? I’m feeling slightly daunted. Feels like a lot of weird shit is about to be thrust into my body. Except for the LIT. I weirdly find the concept of injecting his blood into mine kind of sweet. Like we are bound by some invisible commonality. Sharing blood is as fundamental as it gets right? And baby makes three? We’ll see…

We didn’t even tell the RI about the AMH situation. I don’t think I could’ve handled much more on that particular afternoon. But also the Hubs is so dismissive of it. I’m trying to put my AMH out of my head for a little while as I wrap my head around the rest. But it’s the dark shadow in the corner that doesn’t go away. For now it can stay there until I’m ready to deal.

We do what we gotta do. Bring on the moonface, the belly bruises, the allergic reactions, the hours spent in a doctors office on an intravenous drip. I’ll do all this like an automaton and then face that bitch AMH. We know how many thousands of other ladies are doing this and so much more everyday if it means the get to have their sweet pea at long last.

Bring it. I’m ready.

22 thoughts on “Immunology schmimmunology

  1. All I can say about the RI stuff (I was worked up too, did the blood thinners and steroids, and still had 2 more failed IVFs) is that I have yet to see any person NOT come out of testing with elevated NKs. LIT isn’t even legal in the States. As far as your AMH, those levels are variable from lab to lab (no accepted process for the assay) and can be influenced by vitamin D levels.

    • Thanks for your insight, I’m really appreciative. It’s true, there are so many variables to this information. I think we’ll proceed with what feels right. Don’t know what that is yet but all this insight really helps. xx

  2. My goodness, what a lot of things to take in. I wonder if we should have pushed for NK cell testing. I don’t know. I will be following avidly – I’d be so, so happy to see this all work for you X

  3. I have slightly elevated NK cells + elevated ANA’s (anti-nuclear antibodies). I take Remicade infusions for my Ulcerative Colitis, which also (by-proxy) regulates my NK cells (the way intralipds would). I believe in Reproductive Immunology–logically, since my immune system is attacking other parts of my body, why not f* with my uterus as well, right?! I know it seems like a lot (and I don’t know if the LIT is worth it given the circumstances–have they proved that you attack your husband’s DNA?) but a little prednisone and some intralipids won’t cramp your style. Best Wishes!

  4. LIT is very controversial… My RE used to do it but stopped when it was proven to be harmful in the long run. According to him, it might help you stay pregnant, but your immune system will be permanently damaged. Intralipids and anticoagulants are much safer. I’m always open to new treatment options, but only if my health is not compromised in the long run. What good is it to have a baby if I’m not healthy enough to care for it afterwards?
    I’ve also never heard of anyone testing “normal” for NK cells… Reproductive immunology is a very lucrative business!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I must admit, it is all so new we are just wrapping our heads around it. I agree with you, I will not compromise my long term health. Interesting we weren’t told about these risks by the RI. But now I have some good questions to raise with him. Thanks for that xx

  5. I don’t blame you for being overwhelmed hon but at least you’re finally getting some real solutions. Sending you lots of prayers that this does the trick!

  6. I was reading about all this stuff in ‘Is your body baby friendly?’ I reckon I would do it all too. It does sound weird and a lil wacky but it’s worked for other people and Dr Beer has alot of experience and sounds like he knows his shit. The soy and egg yolk drip is the wierdest one but I dont mind the sound of LIT. It reminds me of twilight. Not sure why….. But you know what, I used to think IVF and giving myself injections was so far out and I never thought I’d be able to do it, but I did and it wasn’t that bad so all this immuno stuff will be fine too. We just have to do what we have to do. I guess it’s part of our journey now. Let’s do this!

    • It’s amazing what we put ourselves through to achieve our goal. And what seemed crazy a year ago is now all standard stuff. I really hope you get some answers soon hun, keep me posted xx

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