“tired of being sensitive to my infertile friend”

This is a really important post. What’s also important is to out the ignorant who wrote the hateful “infatility” comment. I’m seeing/hearing of way too many hurtful ignorant comments being posted on the blogs of my friends and it angers and sickens me to no end.

Forever Infertile

This was an actual search that brought someone to my blog. Sadly, it wasn’t the only one along that theme. It makes my blood boil! Oh, boo hoo, you’re tired of exercising sensitivity toward your friend? Your friend? Well, let me tell you some things your friend is probably tired of:

  • She’s tired of hoping and praying, month after month, that this month will be, by some miracle, THEMONTH.
  • She’s tired of her body letting her down, month after month.
  • She’s tired of feeling broken.
  • She’s tired of crying herself to sleep.
  • She’s tired of invasive and painful tests.
  • She’s tired of medications that make her ovaries work overtime and take her on an emotional roller coaster ride, month after month (not to mention all the fun side effects, like nausea, fatigue, sleeplessness, hot flashes, night sweats, and headaches)
  • She’s tired of watching her savings account being drained…

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5 thoughts on ““tired of being sensitive to my infertile friend”

  1. Aaarrrrgggghhh makes so f***in angry!! I’m so sick of hearing day in and day or about every word their child utters, every move they make and how utterly brilliant they are! !!

    It’s also made me realise I was right to only tell my best mate. No one else knows, not even family. Saves them the effort and means that I won’t be such a ‘burden’.

    The worst of it is that this persons so called friend is probably oblivious that their ‘freind’ is such a two faced b**ch!!! Gggggrrrrr

    Ok rant over, nice post btw 😉 x

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