Nacho lives

Today was The 8 Week Scan guys.

I was really quite freaked out again. I had gone about 3-4 days without ANY symptoms last week so I was convinced there would be nothing in there. This rollercoaster is so knackering.

But Nacho’s heart was beating away and he/she was measuring bang on. It was so crazy to see. It was also crazy to hear a heart beating for the first time. We’ve only ever seen it. But hearing it is completely mental.

More tears, more high-fives, more sighs of relief. Today was a good day.

I had high hopes today. I took it as a sign that of good things to come because Nacho Libre was on tv today. What are the chances of that? The universe is sending me a sign!!!

So what did we do to celebrate? Went for a Mexican lunch! Little milestones. Little steps. I’ll take whatever good stuff I can get right now.

The weeks to come terrify me. I have a another scan on Wednesday but I’m hoping to keep it together for that. Wednesday though is also my due date for Sweetpea #5. This one will hurt more the rest I expect since it was the one that made it the furthest. The one we had the most hope for. I want to bury myself in my duvet and make it all go away.

The next big milestone is The 10 Week Scan. Because we lost SP#5 at 10 weeks I know I’ll be terrified going into it. But I realise there’s nothing I can do now but wait and see. More waiting. More hoping.

77 thoughts on “Nacho lives

  1. Excellent news! You must have been so relieved! I think it’s all going well and uneventful so far and I’m positive that it will continue this way. No one can take your fears away…just try to go with the flow and try and focus on your next appointment. Everybody has that inner voice that scares the living crap out of you…when you hear that voice just tell it to shut up and tell yourself…everything is fine until proven otherwise! Hang in there!

  2. Holy Shit!! I need to check in on here more!!! Haven’t been reading or writing much the last little while and didn’t even know you were preggers! I’ll be praying for you and Nacho big time! Grow little baby, grow!!!

  3. I’ve been watching the cartoon movie “Kung Fu Panda” on repeat since I don’t know where our other dvd’s are (since we moved) and I’ve probly seen it 5,000 times in the last 3 days. There’s a quote that the wise old turtle kung fu master says–it’s not an original quote–but it’s perfect for your situation:
    “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow’s a mystery, but Today is a gift–that’s why they call it the Present”. Viva Nacho! XO

  4. Oh Lisette, that’s just wonderful news. 10 weeks of pregnancy is also a number that scares me deeply as I lost two little ones at that time, so I will most definitely keep you and your husband and little baby Nacho in my prayers. I’m believing and praying in Jesus name that your baby will live and that God will be glorified through His awesome works. Love and big hugs to you – stay strong!

    • Oh hun, I’m so sorry that you can relate to the 10w terror. It’s so hard. I appreciate so much your support and prayers, I feel so blessed to have you at my side xx

  5. Oh this is such wonderful news! I’m believing and hoping with you girl! You guys are in my prayers and I’m praying that God will wrap His loving arms around Nacho and hold Him tight and secure, keeping he/she safe in your belly. Stay hopeful! Stay strong!

  6. Yay, Nacho!!! And you!!! Such good news, Lisette. Hang in there. Enjoy each moment (so much easier said than done. So much easier!!) But these are all great milestones. We are living this right along with you! My heart is in my throat every time I read your posts. So, so glad it’s good news. Pray it keeps coming!!! xo

  7. Such wonderful news, that little Nacho is a fighter just like I thought!! Will continue sending love and positivity for your next scan and especially for the 10 week one.

  8. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! I got so excited when I saw you had posted and it looked like good news, I’m so so happy things are going well!! Getting from scan to scan is terrifying, I hope you’re able to enjoy this a little (do as I say not as I do ;)). I have such a good feeling about this.

  9. I am so beyond thrilled for you hon! And what an amazing sign indeed! I will be thinking about you on Wed and in the coming weeks to your 10 week milestone. Sending you so many prayers for you and little nacho. I’ll also be thinking about you and your SweetPea #5. I hate the would have been due dates so much. They’re always so hard. Sending you extra strength and hope on this day. Big hug and lots of love ❤

    • Thank you sweet friend. The hope going forward and the support looking back means so much to me. This is such a complicated journey. Thanks for being there.
      I’m now too excited for words for you and sending so much goodness your way xxx

      • Thanks hon 🙂 I’m holding onto that hope and goodness and sending it back to you. May this be the turning point for both of us! ❤

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