I can’t believe this

I can’t believe I’m writing this post but unbelievably, remarkably, I can report today that all is well.

The results of the Harmony test came back 1/10,000 chance of Edwards, Patau or Downs. The Nuchal scan confirmed that so far everything is ok.

And little Nacho is a wriggling, gesticulating, kicking little boy!!

We are both so overwhelmed with emotion at the moment. We never ever thought we’d actually get here. There are still many hurdles ahead but just having reached twelve weeks is massive blessing to us. Whatever happens going forward we are just so so thankful to have reached this point.

I’m going to go ball my eyes out now. I promise to write more later.

Thank you to you all for your support and encouragement. It has helped me more than I can ever articulate. xx

127 thoughts on “I can’t believe this

  1. So happy for you, lovely!!! The feelinf of “being amazed” and “never thought we’d get here” will probably last throughout the whole pregnancy. At least that’s how I feel, too. It’s still so surreal, unbelievable & overwhelming to have been blessed with our miracles, isn’t it. Sending you happy thoughts!!!

    PS: Oh you already know it’s a boy?? at 12 weeks, wow..congratulations!!!

    • Thank you so much lovely. I think you’re right, these feelings will last the whole time. I think that’s one lesson IF has taught us, we will never ever taken any of this for granted.
      Yes it’s crazy to know so early he’s a boy huh?! The blood test confirmed it but the sonographer pointed out a little willy too! Eek! xx

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful to read this this morning, so happy for you! Try and stay positive, how wonderful to reach this milestone xxxxx

  3. I can’t believe I missed all this! I stopped back to check when you first thought it might be happening but then had a little blog hiatus myself. I’m so so so so so pleased for you. This is fantastic news. 🙂

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