I owe so many of you a reply to my last post and I promise to do that but in the meantime we have managed to escape life for a few days in southern Spain. I never want to come back. It has been so blissful already, I can’t even remember what it was like to be at work, to be stressed. 

We have been sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, resting on the beach, napping in the shade, eating super delicious food, reading, listening to meditation tapes and feeling the reassuring twists and turns of Nachito inside. I am sure he has grown quite substantially since we have been here. Maybe it feels good to be free here. I have had a permanent smile on my face and tears in my eyes since we got here. I am just so bloody thankful for him every single moment. Holidays really do do wonders don’t they?

I was quite nervous flying because it had been instilled in me by a TCM a few years ago that flying could cause problems in pregnancy. But our high risk OB was confident as long as I continued to take my clexane and aspirin as I have been and didn’t fly over 3 hours which we didn’t. Nacho didn’t stop moving the whole flight, and instantly I felt more at ease. His ability to relax me totally blows my mind.

So for the next 5 days we are going to lap it up, soak up the sun and rest as much as possible. 

Next opportunity I will update this post with some pics! Hugs to you all xx

42 thoughts on “Holidaze

  1. Sounds amazing! It’s funny that when I get anxious about baby, baby will move as if in response to my feelings! Looks like Nacho is doing it too! How long are you?

  2. OMG YOU’RE IN MY ADOPTED MOTHERLAND!! I’m so envious! Enjoy every minute, you deserve such a wonderful break! (And if you’re reading this, try to get to Tarifa, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic. Then head to Bolonia, a beautiful beach west of Tarifa. Tea and cake at the Hurricane Hotel.)

  3. I have been keeping up-to-date with your blog for a while now and been in awe of your resilience to keep going. You are a true inspiration and have even inspired me to start my own blog!! (I also need to vent my frustrations into cyberspace) It is so nice to read everything is now going well for you- your story gives me and so many others hope that it will happen!! xoxox

    • Thank you so much for your note, that really is so lovely. I’m so glad that I have helped to inspire a blob too, I hope you find it a good way to vent. Much love xx

  4. Dear Lisette.

    Firstly congratulations on the recent good news, it’s fantastic that after so much pain you’ve had some good news. Also, thank you for sharing your experiences, its so helpful for others to know they’re not alone in this.

    I’m messaging because my beautiful wife and I found out yesterday that we are miscarrying for the 3rd time in around 8 months. We have a baby with a heartbeat that is 7 weeks old but its scan age is no more than 6 weeks and it is not growing. Doctors have told us it won’t survive. As you can imagine its truly devastating news. We don’t have any children so we’re really scared that we wont be able to have our own family.

    We are both relatively young at 32, but my wife suffers from PCOS. After we miscarried the second time we decided to go private and test as much as we can. This time my wife had been taking metformin for 9 months and her cycle was induced by Clomid which should have meant we conceived with young eggs (i.e. eggs that were produced and released during a typical cycle period). That, along with the hormone blood tests that showed her levels were healthy, and so this time we thought we had it sorted. We have also tested negative for killer cells, other immune problems and actually everything apart from karyotyping (we’ll get that done now).

    Whilst i know that this is different to your experience, much of what you’ve gone through rings true with us. We also live in London and certainly on the personal side have felt the same things as you and your husband. We also don’t seem to struggle to conceive and therefore your notes on super fertility and what other information i have seen has caught my eye. It just seems to make some sense to me although i also know we haven’t had enough testing to rule many other causes out. I’d really appreciate it if you could comment on what you think our next steps should be and if you think your treatment plan is something that we should look into. I don’t know if we will ever try again after this, but I just want to give me wife hope and help her in any way that i can.

    Thanks and all the best

    • I’m so sorry you are going through this and I am so sorry for my late reply to your post. I’ve been going through a difficult time lately too.
      I am so sad to hear you are going through RPL and that you are suffering through your third miscarriage. The circumstances were very similar to what I was going through this time last year.
      It sounds like you have done a lot of research as well into testing, informing yourselves as best you can is always good. I highly recommend speaking to a consultant about super fertility because it really does seem to carry some weight. There are a couple of specialists in Coventry who specialise in super fertility and recurrent miscarriage and I would suggest speaking to one of them. I was a changed person after seeing them. They tested me for NK cells with a biopsy and it sounds like you have already had similar testing but speaking with them can be quite enlightening. It was the first time I’ve had things explained to me like that.
      You’re amazing for reaching out and supporting your wife so well. That helps more than you will ever know. She is very lucky to have you. If I can help you at all please do let me know

      • Hi Lisette

        Firstly, I’m so sorry to hear about your problems the last few weeks. I suppose that the most important thing is that you and Nacho are physically ok and given where you were last year its amazing that you’ve come so far. But you shouldn’t be having to go through the other stuff, it must be very hard, like everyone commenting on the blog i wish it could be different for you.

        Thanks for your reply about our problems. It would be great if you could let us know the name of the clinic or doctor you recommend in Coventry. But there’s no rush as you have more important things to think about and its not urgent. We are waiting for the results of karyotype testing to see if we can identify any chromosomal abnormalities and then the next stage for us is to finalise a few additional blood tests that my wife still hasn’t had. We need to wait until early August to have these so we have a few weeks yet at least to try and get over the last loss before thinking about the future too much.

        I really hope things start to get better for you soon, i’d like to think that once Nacho arrives this will make a huge difference to how you feel, but don’t want to belittle your other problems either. Best of luck and thanks again.

  5. Hi there! I’m Heather and I was wondering if you could answer my question regarding your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

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