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I particularly hate that dumbass thing that wordpress does to limit the blogs I follow to 50 so I’ve listed them all here individually. These blogs have been a resource to me. They have been my inspiration, my solace, I turn to them when I feel helpless, out of control, anxious. They make me laugh, cry, curse like a trucker. They are supportive to me when it feels like nothing else is.

These are blogs written by people like me. People at different stages of grief, loss, infertility, pursuing IVF, donor eggs/sperm, surrogacy, adoption, battling PCOS, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s, Asherman’s and other BS. Trying to find answers, an outlet, support in all facets of fertility. Some have finally welcomed their sweetpea, others are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sweetpea, some like me are hopeful for their future sweetpea and others for various reasons have decided to call it quits. And although my struggle may be different, I’m still able to draw strength from others’ stories. It’s a way for me to remember I’m not alone in this journey.

Each one is a unique perspective of what it’s like to live through the struggles of trying to have a child when nature throws you a curveball. I hope you find them as helpful as I do. I will continue to add to the list as I discover others. Please also check out the Stirrup Queen’s amazingly thorough Blogroll. It’s an amazing resource.

If you discover any of these links don’t work please tell me, I’m not the savviest of bloggers.

A Calm Persistence
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Infertility
A Single Journey
A Hundred Affections
A Little Bit More
Adventures of the Unprolifiic
Aging Baby Maker
Amateur Nester
Another bun (in the oven)?
Ask an Infertile
Baby Crazy Fool
Baby Hopeful
Baby Hopes
Baby Makin’
Baby Maybe
Barren Betty
Banana Ramblings
Birds, Bees & Medicine
Bruised Banana, Sad Bunny
By Lisa, With Love X
Chances Our
Chasing Rainbows
Childless in Paris
Confessions of a wannabe mommy
Coral Blooms
Counting Chickens
Desperate in the Desert
Diary of a Yummy Mummy in Waiting
Doo, Dah, Diptie
Dogs Aren’t Kids
Don’ Count Your Eggs
Eli’s Corner
Endometriosis Killed my Babymaker
Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright
Everything but the baby
Fertility Doll
Fertility Matters
Finding My New Normal
From 2 to 3 Kids
From Zero to Plus One Fertility Blog
Genuine Greavu
Hang Your Hopes From Trees
Here Stood My Dreaming Tree
Hidden Infertility
Hope is something you pee on
How Not To Be A Jerk About Infertility
infertility absurdity
Infertility Doula
Infertility Virgin
In Quest of a Binky Moongee
Invincible Spring
In Only Takes One
It’s Jennifer Juniper
It’s going to take a village
Jack Joseph’s mom
Just Another Infertility Blog
Lessons Of My Heart
Letters of A Broken Heart
Lydia Seeks Bebe
Mama, Interrupted
Maybe This Time
Me Becoming Mom
Mel’s Journey
Mindful Muma-to-be
Mine to command
Mojo Working
Momma Hope
mommy this mommy that
ms myrtle
My Fertility Blog
My Forever Love, Ethan
My Hopeful Library
My Life As A Case Study
My Little Beam of Sunshine
My MMC Story
My Mighty Miscarriage Foe
My New Normal
My Path to Mommyhood
My Preconceived Life
Never Giving Up Hope
No Good Eggs
No Maybe Baby
Not Pregnant and Pissed!
Nourishing My Life
Nuts in May
On Fecund Thought
One Day, Baby?
our last embryo’s blog
Our Journey to Our Baby Bump
Our Misconception
Over 40 and Solo IVF
PCOS and the Mommy in ME
Penguins of Mine
Plan Y
Positive Pants
Pregnancy Pause
Preparing for a B-Squirt
Ramblings of a Health Nut
Recurrent Chemical Pregnancies
Recurrent loss and moving forward
Recurrently Lost
Riding The Stork
Sailing on unchartered waters
Sensitive Ginger
So I Was Minding My Own Business
So Watch as I Start to Smile
So, you’re saying there’s a chance?
Something out of nothing
Sophia’s Story
Starting Our Family
Still a Mama Wannabe
Stuck on Pause
Stupid Broken Egss
Stupid Stork
Sweetest in the Gale
The Bachelor’s Button Blog
The Big TTC
The Broken Vagina Monologues
The Crooked Path Through IVF
The Egg Timer is About to Ring
The Empress and the Fool
The Icing on our Cake
The Infernal Infertile
The Infertile Chemist
The Medicated Momma
The Misadventures of the Well-Intentioned
The Rain Came Down
The Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Blog
The Scarlet Letter I
The Second Bedroom
The Two Week Wait
The Unexpected Trip
The Years of Trying to Conceive Tears
Think I need to get out more
Today I Hope
Turning Mourning into Dancing: A Mother’s Journey to her Child
Two Adults, One Child
Unpreggo Eggo
Riding the Stork
Wait 4 A Rainbow
Waiting Mama
Where is that bird
Where the *bleep* is our stork
Who The Heck Shot My Stork?!
Who Shot Down My Stork
Wistful Girl
Why Can’t We Do This The Easy Way
Work is for suckers
XO, Isabel
Yet Another Bitter Infertile
You Are Richer Than My Wildest Dreams
You Can’t Choose When
You Can’t Have a Baby
You, Me and the Big TTC
You Must Believe there are Miracles…
Young Yet Infertile
Zoe Adelle

22 thoughts on “Resources – Blogroll

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  3. Thank you for compiling a list like this! I’m fairly new to this community — not the infertility — just the blogging community. I’ve been looking for really good infertility blogs, and this is just what I needed. It helps to feel not so alone in all of this. I really appreciate it.

  4. Hi Lisette, I’m just discovering your blog, which has been generating a lot of traffic at my own. Thank you so much for including my blog on your resource list, and for all the others as well; many are blogs I haven’t come across before, and I am eager to read up! Hoping your sweet pea is soon on its way.

    • Hi lovely, your blog is great. I hope you find some of the other fab blogs useful too, I have so many more to add to the list. It both saddens and comforts me to know there are so many women going through a similar journey but the intelligence, humour and strength out there is inspiring. Crossing fingers for us all! xx

  5. I feel honored to be on the list. I am in good company. Thank you for supporting me in my struggles.

    I have enjoyed reading your posts because they are so honest. This is hard to talk about among friends and family…and yet we find comfort in strangers all over the world. We are a community that really gets each other. Your story gives me a chance to think about how we all struggle in unique ways. Thank you for sharing. You are in my thoughts.

      • I don’t know if it is a good blog or not, but I’m touched by your words. I just decided that I needed to put the words out there for myself. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep sharing.

        Love, hugs, and lots of happiness. XOXOXO

        The love I have found from doing this blog has been unbelievable. I have cried constantly since I started writing last night. Some of the tears were grief, but many were from knowing how much support I have been getting through sharing our story.


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