Shared experience : Miscarriage support group

Tonight I attended my first session at a miscarriage support group.

I was hesitant at first, unsure it would be the right thing for me but now I’m glad I went.

Although the experience was very heavy and gut-wrenching and most of us were teary the whole time it gives me some comfort that I am not alone. And as much as I wish others don’t have to suffer what I am suffering, there’s a bond there that I don’t get anywhere else. People who actually understand how I feel. People who aren’t able to cope either. We can share that commonality. And it helps to lift the weight a bit off my shoulders.

It has become so hard to talk to friends or family or even counsellors about my recurrent losses. I’ve more or less just stopped talking to anyone. But having people around that can empathise means more than I ever thought.