The doctors

Man I’ve seen a lot of doctors. Here I’m able to remind myself who said what. I won’t list the ones I find completely useless

Dr. Q & Dr. B
Recurrent miscarriage specialists at New Clinic, focusing on the lining of the womb. Diagnosed me with “super fertility” and elevated uNK cells

Dr. R & Dr. A
Recurrent miscarriage specialists
Diagnosed me with anti cardiolipin antibodies syndrome and raised thromboelastogram (blood clot disorders)

Dr. G
Reproductive immunologist
Diagnosed me with LAD deficiency and raised NK cells

Dr. P
NHS Reproductive endocrinologist
Poised to kick off IVF whenever we’re ready but agrees it might not be suitable

Dr. S
Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine
She’s all about taking it slow and rebuilding the body’s qi

3 thoughts on “The doctors

  1. If you don’t mind me asking where you are located? Where I am they don’t believe in NK cells. And I was brushed off by my doctor. Very frustrating. Just experienced my 6th miscarriage. Thank you : )

    • I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m in the uk, and still many doctors don’t believe it. I had to see a few specialists that focus on NK cells to get treatment. No idea if it helped but I like to think it did.

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