Nacho’s Birth story

I have a moment now to reflect a bit on the incredible arrival of our precious little Nacho seven weeks ago. This time has flown in a hazy blur of bliss.

He has been named but in my heart he will always be my precious little Nachito. His name is quite fitting though, very reflective of his strength and special nature but I want to protect his anonymity and keep it quiet. Feel free to email me if you’d like to know though and I’ll tell you.

I can’t believe he’s here. I sit here staring at him for hours and hours. He’s so special and so loved.

I went into labour at 2 in the morning at 41 weeks. I had been to two acupuncture sessions to encourage labour prior to that and my contractions came on gently. I was able to go to a third acupuncture appointment later that afternoon which significantly sped things up. Almost immediately afterwards I was quite unwell and my contractions were about every four minutes. That’s when I strapped on the tens machine, my only form of pain relief for 38 of my 40 hour labour. Our doula came over by 6pm and I was in established labour quickly after that.

At 1am we decided to go to the hospital as my contractions were 90 seconds long and every three minutes. The cab ride was 35 mins away even at that hour, a very uncomfortable journey but I don’t remember much. The tens machine really worked to mask my pain and I was in the depths of hypnobirthing.

Once we got to the hospital I stubbornly refused an exam. I didn’t want to be poked and prodded. As a result I was told I wouldn’t be admitted. That immediately got my back up and things started to go pear shaped from there. Once I relented to the exam (horrible, horrible, I might add) I was told I was only 3.5cm dilated. To be admitted I had to be 4cm. We are all convinced I was much further along than that at home and the combination of the cab ride and caused everything to clamp up so to speak.

So we went back home for four hours until my contractions were 2 minutes long and every minute. By the time we got to the hospital I was fully dilated. I can then not account for the next 10 hours. I pushed for 2 of them, without the help of my tens machine. Big mistake I might add! I took it off to push thinking it would help me focus. Errr no! Problem was after 40 hours I was completely out of gas and so was Nacho. My contractions slowed down and I looked at DH with nothing left to give. I hadn’t eaten in 2 days and could keep very little down liquid-wise. We knew it was time for something else.

After two hours of pushing I was give two options: 1) an emergency c-section or 2) forceps. To stick as closely to my original birth plan as possible I chose an epidural to give me a rest to gain my strength and help me push. A syntocinon drip was started at the same time to get my contractions going again. I was given a 30 minute timeline to get him out myself otherwise to the operating theatre I go.

I managed to do it in 20. Nacho showed little signs of distress and his strength of character persisted once again. He was just fine. Nearly 9lbs of happiness thrown onto my chest.

Me on the other hand, I received an episiotomy, a third degree tear, lost over two litres of blood, had two blood transfusions and just shy of fifty stitches. It has taken me a long time to recover. But I wouldn’t change a thing. This was Nacho’s birth story.

We ended up in hospital for 8 days after his birth as less than 12 hours after birth Nacho began breathing quickly and losing body temperature on top of losing excessive amounts of body weight. This was a scary, blurry time. Doctors put us into the area of the ward when special attention is given to babies and it was deemed he had an unknown infection. Seven days of antibiotics, fluid and blood samples, being poked and prodded followed. But again Nacho is tough and he bounced back beautifully.

Since then we have been getting to know each other at home. I am so grateful for every moment together. I hold on to him so tight, this is probably terrible but I rarely put him down. I nurse him, a wonderfully close experience we both love. I carry him everywhere. I am really loving being his mum.

I can feel his angel brothers and sisters looking out for him. He embodies a wisdom, calm and understanding I can’t explain. I have learned so much from him already and I’m so completely and utterly in love.

24 thoughts on “Nacho’s Birth story

  1. That was so beautiful to read. I am so happy for you, and I’m really happy to know him just as Nacho or Nachito, which has to be one of the coolest bump names ever! I’m sorry for what you went through but so very happy that you are in such a good place now. Enjoy each other! xx

  2. What an increcible birthing story!! You are such a strong woman (obv. with all you went through to get to the point of being able to give birth to your littel nacho) for enduring that birth-marathon. Here I thought it felt oh so long during my birth, but looking back I know my 5h of intense labour and pushing wasn’t long compared to what other’s go through for days. I can imagine how exhausted you must have felt in the end, but probably so very happy at the same time. It’s a feeling that compares to nothing else in the world, isn’t it. Having your baby in your arms, an adrenaline & happy hormone rush through the otherwise tired body.

    Oh and by the way, our little Nanami will also always be our Snowflake in our hearts (and sometimes I still call her that), so I can totally relate to your “nacho”-feeling 😉


  3. I’m crying.. not because I’m sad, but because I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for a friend. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this made me smile and how happy I am to hear this story. I love everything about it, but most of all I love that you both have each other.

  4. What an amazing story, you are such a strong woman (which I knew already, but this just adds to that strength). And little Nacho obviously has inherited that strength from his mama! So glad that you are doing well, and I don’t think it’s terrible that you rarely put him down at all, no child has ever suffered from too much love :).

  5. I’m so happy that you are enjoying soaking up all your time with the long awaited little Nacho. I still think that name is adorable by the way. 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with holding him all the time. It’s good for babies to feel loved and secure. Enjoy it while you can, I say, my little boy just turned one and wants NOTHING to do with being held. I felt like I was holding him too much in the beginning but now I just wish I had held him more. That newborn stage is so short and precious. But toddler-hood is proving to be very exciting too. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your birth story although I have to say, I paused for more than a few seconds when I got to the part about 50 stitches!!! I think I read over it several times before it really sank in. OUCH! I can imagine that was hard to recover from but I’m just so glad that Nacho made it here safely. 🙂

  6. Wow. Amazing story. I’m so glad to hear that you’re both doing well after a tough start. He sounds like such a special little guy. Hold him as much as you like… I bet he loves it too!!

  7. What a brave baby and mummy. He sounds like a true little miracle. I wouldn’t put him down either!! I’m so happy for you, what a lovely lovely birth story. I totally get the unfathomable love you feel. Well done and wishing your little family all the happiness in the world xxxx

  8. This is so, so beautiful. I’m sorry the birth wasn’t the experience you envisioned, and that the recovery was so rough. But I am so happy to hear that Nacho is here and safe and healthy! Enjoy that wonderful bundle, and don’t put him down if you don’t want. I’ve read that babies sleep better at night when they are held very often during the day 🙂

  9. WHAT and incredible story. That is epic, and you both are my heroes! Kind of speechless. And a little bit intimidated. I realize that anything can happen, must be flexible. What is a tens machine?

    I’m so happy for you lady. Warm, warm congratulations. Love to hear more about your love affair with baby whenever you have a moment. xoxox

  10. Oh wow that’s quite a birth story! I’m glad he made it safely in the end. Him having an infection in hospital must have been the fright of your life, especially after all you have been through. I a so pleased it all turned out well and you guys are settling into each other beautifully. It is lovely. Congratulations!

  11. Oh my goodness hon. That is quite the story. You poor thing! I’m so sorry the birth was so hard on you and that little nacho came down with an infection. It must have been such a terrifying time. I am so relieved and happy he is doing great now and I hope you are recovering well too. Do not feel bad at all for holding him all the time. It has been such a long road to get here. You enjoy it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong! I plan to do the same too. I already have 3 different carriers and can’t wait to use them 🙂

  12. Wow, sweets! I’ve only just seen this and am utterly gutted that I missed it for so long! I’m so glad that you have your little rainbow-hold him tightly and enjoy every cuddle xxx

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