Me 37, DH 40

Pre 2011
3 x laparoscopies – Diagnosed with endometriosis, adhesions, fibroids, dyspareunia

1 x cystoscopy – diagnosed with severe
interstitial cystitis

1 x cone biopsy as a result of severe dyskaryosis CIN3 identified in abnormal smear

March 2011 – begin TTC

March 2012 – nothing’s happening, seek fertility advice from local hospital, put onto IVF waiting list

July 2012 – something’s changed, BFP, natural conception

August 2012 – miscarriage #1, 7 weeks

Sept 2012 – BFP, natural conception

October 2012 – miscarriage #2, 6 weeks

November 2012 – BFP, natural conception

Christmas 2012 – miscarriage #3, 5.5 weeks

January 2013 – HSG, all clear but horribly traumatic experience

January 2013 – diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. IVF available whenever we want it. We hold off as conception doesn’t seem to be an issue

January 2013 – referred to first recurrent loss clinic

February 2013 – BFP, natural conception

February 2013 – miscarriage #4, 5 weeks

February 2013 – discharged from RPL clinic as they cannot find reasons for losses. Diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Commence gluten free lifestyle

March 2013 – commence acupuncture, Chinese herbs, vegan diet, baby aspirin and a list of supplements as long as my arm. Begin seeing RPL clinic #2

April 2013 – DVT #1 – are they sure that strong family history of thrombophilia isn’t really an issue?

May 2013 – BFP, natural conception. Terrified. Begin 400mg progesterone daily

May 2013 – DVT #2 in calf – put on heparin short term and aspirin, baby’s ok

May 2013 – A beating heart captured on ultrasound!

May 2013 – Blood tests (thromboelastogram) confirm raised clot strength. Aspirin dose raised to the maximum

July 2013 – 10 week scan told baby’s heart stopped. Devastation. Missed miscarriage #5

July 2013 – ERPC (D&C)

August 2013 – Karyotyping performed confirm triploid (chromosomal abnormality)

August 2013 – seeing new clinic that focuses on inefficiencies of lining of the womb. Diagnosed as “super fertile”. Endometrial biopsy performed

Sept 2013 – commence treatment with new doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine

Sept 2013 – start seeing reproductive immunologist. Dozens of tests performed

Sept 2013 – diagnosed with immunological issues: 1) Natural killer cells too high both in womb and in general blood circulation, 2) leukocyte antibodies too low, 3) anti cardiolipin antibodies too high.

Sept 2013 – told very low AMH and that natural conception is likely no longer an option

October 2013 – commence treatment for immunological issues. Clexane, Prednisone, Progesterone, LIT treatment, Intralipids

November 2013 – BFP! but miscarried #6 at 5 weeks 3 days. Heartbroken

December 2013 BFP! Earliest strong BFP ever at 11dpo. Currently holding my breath

8 thoughts on “Timeline

      • I’m assuming you’re in the US right? (Forgive me since I read your about page but didn’t really pay attention to where you live in this wild world). But, has your doctor ever mentioned a Mullerian Anomaly to you? Specifically a septate uterus? I suffered a 21 week loss and then an early loss at 6 weeks. EVERY blood test I had, all my RPL was normal and the culprit was a uterine septum. I know they are rare but with your history I would really push to rule out some structural issue like a septate uterus.

        Get in touch with me if you want to talk about it or want more information. I give awesome virtual hugs too 🙂

        ETA: I ask because I was finally diagnosed with a small septum which was diagnosed via MRI. The septum was not visualized on US, SIS or HSG.

      • I’m so sorry for your losses, it’s heartbreaking. I haven’t been investigated for a separate uterus actually. But it’s good advice to ask the question, so I will. What’s the best way to diagnose it? MRI as you had? My HSG and all US have been normal. I’m in the UK so I’ll have to pay for it privately but worth looking into for sure. Thanks xx

      • The best and most accurate way to diagnosis it is via Saline Sonogram & Pelvic MRI.

        Without writing you a novel, my septum was “visualized” at the time of my 2nd viability u/s. That pregnancy was lost and the radiologist at the time told me “he sees something” and sent me off to a surgeon who specializes in these things.

        That surgeon explained a ton to me about Mullerian Anomolies. At the time he explained that it was impossible to know which one I was truly dealing with without actually having the saline sono and MRI done because apparently Bicornuate Uterus and Septate Uterus “could” appear identical to the untrained eye via u/s. One is correctable while the other is not.

        My SIS came out normal. It showed what looked to be a normal uterine cavity. My MRI on the other hand showed a partial septum but normal shaped uterus. My surgeon had seen enough and he surgically resected my septum last Friday. (See my blog if you want more details about the removal).

        All that to say, that septum is thought to be the reason for both my losses. From what I’ve been told from both my MFM and surgeon, septate uteruses have something like a 90% miscarriage rate. A septum is essentially a piece of avascular tissue that divides the uterus. If embryos attach there which more often than not they do since it’s at the top of the uterus they have no chance to survive. If you are lucky to get further along due to the embryos attaching on the walls of the uterus then pre-term labour becomes a huge concern. Hence my second loss.

        My septum was “resected” and apparently now, my uterus is otherwise normal and baby friendly again.

        Wow, such a long response. I’m so sorry I’m totally dominating your blog. But, since my experience I think it’s so so so important that ladies know that repeat early losses CAN be result of a structural (correctable okay?) issues too.

        Best of luck. Ask me any questions you may have.

      • Wow that’s so useful, thank you. You’ve been through so much. I’m so sorry you had to find out this way. It’s so impossibly tough. I’m so hopeful for you now that things are repaired. I will be watching eagerly. Best of luck xx

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