Diagnoses & Treatment plan

The various diagnoses and proposed treatment plans suggested by my medical providers for my specific situation:

Removed via laparoscopy x 3. Likely the cause of dyspareunia

Interstitial Cysititis
Chinese herbs and acupuncture

Chronic candida
Chinese herbs

Gluten intolerance
Gluten free living

Raised blood clot ability as determined by Thromboelastogram
150mg aspirin

Thrombophilia (Prothrombin G20210)
Tested and despite overwhelming family history and both positive and negative results within a few weeks of each other, doctors agree it’s not an issue. Really?

Anticardiolipin syndrome
Clexane 20mg injections after BFP

NK cells elevated (womb & general blood circulation)
Intralipid drip 1x month
25mg Predisolone from CD7
40mg Clexane from CD7

Leukocyte antibodies (low)
LIT injections (Hubs white blood cells injected into me). 2x initially, top up shots every 6 months

Thin womb lining
All natural for now: Chinese herbs, Shatavari, Red clover, Black cohosh
In January 2014 we’ll start estrogen supplements if necessary

“Super Fertility”
400mg progesterone twice daily one week after ovulation until AF or BFP

Diminished ovarian reserve
High dose Co Q10
Researching DHEA
In discussions regarding starting IVF in March 2014

N acetyl cysteine 600mg
Co Q10 & Ubiquinol 600mg each
L-Arginine 500mg
Daily pre conception multivitamin with folate
Selenium 100ug
Zinc 22mg
Vitamin C 2000mg
Vitamin D 4000iu
Vitamin B6 100mg
Vitamin B12 1000ug
Vitamin E 1000iu
Iron 20mg
Omega 3 2000mg
Spirulina / Chlorella 500mg
Evening primrose oil 2600mg CD1-15
Royal Jelly 2000mg
Calcium 1000mg
Magnesium 400mg
Tumeric 800mg
Maca 2000mg

2 thoughts on “Diagnoses & Treatment plan

  1. Lisette, since you’re trying again I wanted to ask if you’ve ever tried Welcome Womb? It tastes like crap but considering all the TCM and other stuff you’re taking/have taken it will not seem too bad (in my personal experience). I felt it made a difference when I was on it last pregnancy, though I ultimately lost that one, too. When (if) I get pregnant again, I’m going to use it.

    Good luck trying again. I hope 2014 is the year your dream comes true.

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